Creating Virtual connections with REAL Goods and Services

Our system is, simple, automated, and turn key.

Within 14 days your customers will receive our "Virtual Road Trip" calendar plus a mechanically hand written note thanking them for their business. When we say "mechanically hand written" we really mean it. The machine used to do this task holds a regular ballpoint pen just like you, and when it writes "Thank you, Tom" the "T" in "Thank you" is slightly different from the "T" in "Tom" just like you wrote it yourself. We also, use first class postage and have it mailed from your city just like you would.

Our custom calendar is more than just a simple wall ornament, it is a full fledged marketing tool, and it should be in your box. It allows you to:

1. Generate referrals and repeat business in two ways.
  • By keeping your contact information in front of your clients for longer than they would normally remember it.
  • By putting your information in position to be shared virally through your clients' friends on Facebook and across the World Wide Web!
2. Build stronger relationships with your clients in two ways
  • By giving them a first class gift with a personalized thank you note.
  • By allowing each salesperson to establish a virtual connection with their clients through the salesperson's Facebook "Public Person Page."
1 week later another letter is sent requesting a referral and giving the customer a free car wash.

Note: All of our letters can be customized with copy from the salesperson if they would prefer to write their own.
When the second letter is sent a custom card with the salesperson's picture is included. This card provides simple instructions for leaving a recommendation on the salespersons's "Public Person" Facebook page.
Once potential customers begin landing on your salesperson's page we want to give them good content. So we will have a professional photographer take pictures of your sales staff and we will size the images to the maximum dimensions allowed by Facebook. Also, we embed your website in the Facebook page allowing visitors to view your inventory next to the direct contact information of a salesperson whom they already have a connection with through one of their friends!
Of course no referral generating, relationship building campaign is complete without a birthday card. Our custom birthday card has the salesperson's picture on the cover. We also include another free car wash. This way not only do you get the impact of a personal note, but we also reinforce an association of positive emotions with contact from your sales staff by always giving value when we contact your customers. Whether it is the Virtual Road Trip calendar or a free wash.
Once a customer "likes" your salesperson's Facebook page we will generate a pay per click ad campaign targeted at their friends. As you know 30% of current car buyers have a friend who will buy within the next 90 days.

Note: Pay per click campaign ad optimization and management is free when you purchase the system. However, payment and budget settings will be your responsibility.

  • Custom Facebook page
  • Custom Virtual Tour calendar with socially interactive content
  • 2 mechanically hand written notes
  • 2 car washes
  • 1 Custom referral request card
  • 1 mechanically hand written custom birthday card
  • Customized Facebook pay per click ad campaign optimization and management

Cost: Just $37 per car sale

Call (517) 231-1525 with questions or to set up your account today.

Custom Referral Generating
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